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Jacob D. Gorbaty, M.D.
Orthopedic Surgeon Shoulder & Sports Medicine Specialist

Dr. Jacob Gorbaty is an orthopedic surgeon practicing in Mount Vernon and Anacortes, Washington. He is affiliated with He received his medical degree from University of Washington School of Medicine.

Jacob Gorbaty, MD, enjoys working with patients and families toward the goal of leading active, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyles. Dr. Gorbaty believes this can be achieved in many ways through the combination of collaboration, education, and treatment.

Medicine is a team sport including himself, primary care, nurses, radiologists, medical assistants, physical therapists and, the most important member – the patient. Because of this, Dr. Gorbaty believes it is especially important to listen to the patient, understand how their life is affected, and learn more about their short and long-term goals. In this way, the patient helps to guide and direct the course of care.

Knowledgeable patients are empowered to make the best decisions regarding their care. Therefore, he first takes the time to describe his diagnostic process, the physical exam, and any advanced testing. Next, he wants his patients to understand what the condition is and how it developed. Then he tries to lay out treatment options and present an honest assessment of the risks and benefits of each. Lastly, he explains the scope of the recovery process and realistic possible outcomes.

Treatment begins with diagnosis, which involves a comprehensive evaluation. Many of the conditions he encounters can be treated by non-surgical techniques and he believes it is important to use the tools he has to avoid unnecessary surgical risks. When surgery is the recommended course, he combines proven time-tested principles with cutting-edge techniques.

Dr. Gorbaty loves working with his patients who often share similar interests, who lead or have led active lives, and who want to get back to doing so. He enjoys building a relationship and learning what is important to them; what their passions and goals are. This gives him purpose and drives him to deliver the best care possible.

Dr. Gorbaty enjoys hiking, snowboarding, camping, kayaking, climbing, and cycling with his wife (a pediatrician) and their dog. They also enjoy travel, film and food.


Program: MD
Institution: University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Program: Residency
Institution: Carolinas Medical Center Program

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